Green up Thanksgiving meal time with a No Food Waste Goal!

Let the meal portion planner guide you.
GettyImages  Turkey dinner

Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with traditions. This Thanksgiving a new tradition can be added to help Mama Earth. Here are some helpful tips that will make your family's Thanksgiving brighter and greener by reducing harmful impacts on the environment. Something we can all be Thankful for.

The 3 R's
Reduce the amount of waste you produce choose products with packaging that can be recycled. Only get what you need.
Reuse reusable shopping bags. Use cloth napkins. Reusable containers rather than single use plastics like ziplock baggies and plastic wrap
Recycle what you can't reuse, recycle. Compost leftovers rather than tossing them into the Food Waste Zone!

Buy and eat locally grown food / Shop local Famer's Markets

Make your Thanksgiving meal organic. Better food for you and the environment

Celebrate at home. Avoiding excessive travel, and lowering your carbon footprint.

Plant a tree. In a year, a plant absorbs roughly 26 pounds of carbon dioxide and returns enough oxygen to supply a family of four.

Make eco-friendly decorations. Amazing what can be created in holiday form and fashion with paper and baking clay.

Thanksgiving is a good time to count your blessings.

Remember to Say Thank You to the people in your life who matter most.

Stop the leftover Food Waste. Try the Food Network's Thanksgiving meal portion planner.