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Knowledge is Pink Power!
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The fight against breast cancer must include raising awareness with education of symptoms, treatments, and benefits of early detection. All together help with higher long term survival rates. Think Pink knowledge with action is Pink Power! Here are some valuable resources to help with the fight against breast cancer. #GoPinkATX

Breast Cancer Resource Center
Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC) empowers those affected by breast cancer with personalized support and compassion. BCRC staff helps those who are battling cancer be able to navigate through their diagnosis, treatment, recovery and more.The goal is helping women with breast cancer to move forward on a course that is right for them, Donations help support the women facing the battle against breast cancer

Lone Star Circle of Care’s Big Pink Bus mission in Central Texas is providing free/low-cost screening mammograms. Early detection is extremely important especially when it comes to the treatments. The Big Pink Bus helps with the fight mile by mile making a mammogram accessible and affordable for those in need. It's especially important to keep up on regular screenings ages 40 and up. Donations and pledges help keep the Big Pink Bus running to save lives every mile it heads down the roads of Central Texas. #GoPinkATX

Austin Breast Imaging
Austin Breast Imaging is most advanced in women’s imaging and a pioneer in mammographic techniques. Specializing 100% in women’s imaging. 3D mammography is standard at their centers. Physicians perform all breast ultrasound exams and deliver diagnostic results directly to patients with minimal wait time between the screening and the results.

Austin Cancer Center
Austin Cancer Center have the most advanced technologies and therapies with one-of-a-kind care plans. ACC participates in clinical trials and cutting-edge research in collaboration with leading cancer institutions, so they can bring emerging technologies and treatment options. Not just treating cancer, but treating the person. The Big C goal is to conquer cancer!

Austin Radiological Association
ARA Diagnostic Imaging offers a full range of women’s medical imaging. The fact is that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime which is the 2nd leading cause of death among women. The good news is 98% of women will survive when breast cancer is detected early by a mammogram. Make it 3D mammography which detects up to 41% more invasive breast cancer. ARA offers 3D mammography at 12 Central Texas locations. It’s important to do yearly mammograms starting at the age of 40, or earlier depending on family / medical history. Early detection saves many lives!
Resources found on the internet of non profit organizations, yellow pages, medical websites to find the most complete list of free medical clinics. The search done by states / cities for free mammograms, free breast exams and discounted breast screenings that are updated regularly. Free mammograms in Texas / city.

Heathline – Best apps
Navigating through breast cancer with up-to-date information that is needed to support the health and wellbeing at every stage of a breast cancer journey. A comprehensive breast cancer guide, newsletters to social community connection.

Komen for the Cure, Austin and Central & East Texas
Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Austin raises funds to provide free breast cancer screenings, education, medical and financial services and more. Helping women in the Central Texas area with the fight against breast cancer.

National Cancer Institute
Offers a wealth of information about breast cancer and other types. Comprehensive from diagnosis and treatment, to research, clinical trials, nes and more. Credible information that greatly helps with awareness for the fight against breast cancer

National Breast Cancer Foundation -Self Exam
Adult women of all ages are encouraged to perform breast self-exams at least once a month. This helps with early detection, which saves many lives.
Here’s how to perform a self-exam.

Sisters Network® Inc. (SNI), founded in 1994, is a leading voice and only national Black breast cancer survivorship organization in the United States. The organization’s purpose is to save lives and provide a broader scope of knowledge that addresses the breast cancer survivorship crisis affecting Black women around the country.