New ‘Back to the Future’ DVD reveals Ben Stiller auditioned to play Marty McFly

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There are some classic films that are so beloved, you can't imagine anyone else in the role.

The actors and actresses that star in the film become synonymous with that specific role throughout their career.

This is especially true in the case of "Back To The Future," which saw Michael J. Fox star as the lead character, Marty McFly.

However, new DVD release revealed audition tapes for the iconic role and it included some familiar names that have fans asking: “what if?”

Per Gamestop, the new 4K UHD DVD of the entire "Back To The Future" trilogy was released this week and the bonus features reveal that Ben Stiller once tried out for the role.

While Stiller would later become a household name, at that point he had yet to star in any major films.

Stiller wasn't the only one to shoot his shot. C Thomas Howell and Jon Cryer both auditoned. "Titanic's" Billy Zane tried out for the role of Biff Tannen, while Kyra Sedgwick auditioned to play Jennifer Parker.

While most can’t imagine "Back To The Future" starring anyone else other than Fox and Christopher Lloyd, it's fun to watch these auditions and see what could have been.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff