Breaking Barriers with Becky Hammon

Tuesday, December 10th

This week on the show, we're diving into coaching around the league. In "That's What We Said," (1:05) we discuss the pressures that come with being an NBA coach. Candace and Kristen react to David Fizdale being let go by the Knicks (6:17) and react to the reports coming out of Cleveland surrounding John Beilein's coaching methods (10:23). Becky Hammon (16:04) calls in to talk her playing days in the WNBA and Russia, lessons learned from Gregg Popovich and the possibility of becoming the NBA's first female head coach. On "The Ledlow Down," Kristen provides some insider information on Zion's rehab progress and when he will make his rookie debut (40:56). We close the show with an NBA spin on Spotify Wrapped (46:00). via Knit