Byrd: ‘Players Win If They Stand Together’

Thursday, May 28th

Andy Bunker and Randy McMichael were joined by Fox Sports South Atlanta Braves Broadcaster and former MLB pitcher Paul Byrd who shared his thoughts on Washington Nationals Max Scherzer’s tweet.

“Baseball is so weird guys. It is so weird. A long long time ago antitrust rules were set up because they believed Baseball was the national pastime and if it failed America would suffer greatly. Therefore, there was a lot of stipulations and credit given to owners and certain things they didn’t have to abide by. Thankfully some of those things are changing and what I am talking about is pay. You do not have to pay minimum wage to a player that is the minor leagues. Thankfully, Toronto, the Cubs, some others have started to change that and said lets be fair to these guys,” Byrd explained.

Byrd then shared some interesting stats on minor league baseball players before turning his attention to the owners. “I promise you, I promise you to whoever is listening the owners make a ton a ton a ton of money. These are billionaires who are really good at business. They are so many people who are fighting, knocking down doors to try and get a major league team. But it’s a small exclusive club and they do really really really well and they don’t have to show their numbers to anybody. And the Braves the public we get a little but it doesn’t include the battery and some other things. People are doing really well in Major League Baseball and they are great businessman and they are great negotiators. There not going to start off with an incredible deal that’s fair to the players,” Byrd said.

Byrd continued, “The way historically the players win is if they stand together and they realize that hey guys what we have done we are in such an elite crowd, an elite minority of a big crowd, let’s stick together and get each other’s backs and fight for what we can get for that very very very small window that we have.”