Former Steelers Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians

Friday, June 1st

Bruce Arians joins Joe Starkey to talk about the upcoming Joe Moore Offensive Line Camp.  We talk with Bruce about switching from being a coach to a broadcaster and he describes it as going from "idiot to genius" since everyone thinks they can do the job of a coach.  When asked about he and Dick LeBeau both getting out of coaching at the same time Bruce tells us Dick probably still wants to coach but, as for him, he's found his niche in the broadcasting booth.  We get into the Ben and Todd Haley drama and Bruce says all you have to know about that is that under Todd Ben talked retirement, now he's saying he wants to play five more years.  Bruce talks more about Ben and says he hasn't ever seen him as excited as he is for the upcoming season.  With Ben missing recent OTA's, we ask Bruce how important he thinks they are and he says they're important for young guys to get reps, but with a veteran team like the Steelers, they aren't as important.  We saw more criticism of Mike Tomlin today and ask Bruce about working under Mike Tomlin and all the criticism he takes and Bruce says you don't win as many games as Tomlin has without having control of his team.  We wrap things up with Bruce talking about one of his favorites moments in football and he says it was Santonio's game winning catch in the Super Bowl and he walks us through how that moment happened.