Seth Godin on living in Amazon's world

Monday, June 17th

There is so much to understand about Amazon. Given its rate of growth and change, it can feel a little dizzying to keep up. But my main interest is not in whatever the latest, daily headlines are about the company. I’m interested in what all those headlines add up to, taken as a whole. What Amazon has become, what industries it has disrupted and forever changed. If ultimately it’s Amazon’s world, and we just live in it, is that a good thing? Can Amazon be trusted to wield its ever growing power benevolently? Or are we all going to come regret the monster we’ve created?    Bethany and team sit down with Seth Godin, who hardly needs an introduction. He’s exactly who we wanted to talk to in order to dive into questions of Amazon and publishing, but also retail and marketing and trust. Seth’s latest book, This Is Marketing, is a New York Times bestseller, and helps us realize that marketing is about more than selling things - it’s about making change.