Ben Platt Joins K&K To Talk New Album, Dear Evan Hansen, and Finding Love In The Pandemic.

27-years-old and on his way to an EGOT.

Ben Platt is the latest guest to join Karson & Kennedy for another edition of Karson & Kennedy Talk With Famous People!

The 'Dear Evan Hansen' star opened up about everything from moving back in with the parents during COVID to if he would ever go on tour with his siblings.

Ben shared that moving back in with his parents during the pandemic inspired his album, and allowed him to tap into a different side of songwriting.

Karson asked how they recorded the music for the film adaptation of 'Dear Evan Hansen,' and Ben's answered shocked us all.

He also opened up to Karson & Kennedy about finding love during the pandemic, and how the fact that they both starred as Evan Hansen plays into their relationship.

The Arbella Fan Question was all about Evan's new album, Reverie, and if his family had a consensus on their favorite song.

Watch the full interview above!

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