This shirt with Machine Gun Kelly kissing Megan Fox is a Valentine's Day uniform

'She loves a boy so much she wants him to steal her breath.'
Machine Gun Kelly Megan Fox
Photo credit Getty Images

Honestly here, Machine Gun Kelly, take our wallets!

This Valentine’s day, thanks to the Blonde Don and Megan Fox, your look is pretty much complete. The singer collaborated with Manhead Merch for new items inspired by his single “Bloody Valentine,” just in time for the February holiday. So now you can literally wear a t-shirt that features the A-list makeout moment between MGK and Fox.

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Just before MGK and Megan went public, the actress appeared in the “Bloody Valentine” music video. Shortly after that the famed couple went public with their relationship, showing off their Syd and Nancy-inspired love across social media.

The couple, whose rebel hearts now beat as one, have been screen-printed onto a pink hoodie and red T-shirt with text featured below their image that reads, "She loves a boy so much she wants him to steal her breath."

The new MGK Valentine’s Day merchandise also features a Lil Devil Toy 2.0 vibrator, a teddy bear t-shirt, and long-sleeve, plus a voodoo doll that pulls inspiration straight from the “Bloody Valentine” music video.

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All the new “Bloody Valentine” merch ranges from $35-$55. The whole Valentine’s Day MGK drop can be viewed here.

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