49ers fanbase wants Jimmy Garoppolo gone, will team ultimately move on opening door for Patriots?


By all accounts, Jimmy Garoppolo is the No. 1 option for the Patriots when it comes to the quarterback position this offseason.

But, he needs to become available first and that's no guarantee.

The 49ers would need to upgrade at the position before moving on from Garoppolo and as of now that seems unlikely to happen.

With that being said, it was interesting to learn over the weekend that many of the 49ers fans want Garoppolo gone. Appearing on the Ken & Curtis show Saturday, Bonta Hill, a host on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco, estimated that 70% of the fanbase wants the quarterback out.

“Jimmy Garoppolo has become the most polarizing topic, outside of Draymond Green, in this region," he said. "You bring up Jimmy Garoppolo and the phone lines light up and the text lights just go crazy. I think it’s flipped. I think it’s 30% of the fan base wants Jimmy Garoppolo to come back and there’s about 70% that says kick him to the curb.

"It’s because of the injuries. I think that is No. 1. He missed 10 games last season after playing his first full season of his career. 2018, a lot of expectations after he got traded from out there in New England and the Boston area [in 2017], of course you know all about it, he comes in and wins five straight games. Goes 5-0 as a starter and the next year he tears his ACL in Week 3, so he’s missed 23 games in the last three seasons. Some people cite the injuries and then they look at the downfield accuracy — ‘He doesn’t throw the deep ball. It’s all Kyle Shanahan.’ So, the fanbase is totally out on it. It feels like 70% and I may be generous about that. It’s wild.”

Ultimately, Hill believes Garoppolo will remain with the 49ers, but it certainly will be interesting to see how the next few weeks/months play out, as if he were to become available, the Patriots wouldn't hesitate to pick up the phone.