Ben Affleck and J-Lo looking in love was best part of Celtics' dispiriting loss to Lakers

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The Celtics may have lost to the Lakers Tuesday at the Staples Center, but love won.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were sitting courtside for the affair, and their presence sparked an online cacophony of oohing and aahing. The two A-listers still appear to be enthralled with each other 20 years after they had first met. That’s impressive, considering it’s hard for most of us to remain engaged after 20 minutes.

“They were whispering to each other, smiling and talking during the game, and Jennifer looked at Ben lovingly,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “They seemed like they were in their own little world and so happy to be there with each other and comfortable together.”

Affleck also reportedly had a brief exchange with Russell Westbrook.

Ben and J-Lo met on the set of Gigli in late 2001 and dated from 2002-04. They were Hollywood’s most scrutinized couple during that period, the last era before social media fragmented celebrity culture. During those days, it wouldn’t be uncommon for tidbits about “Bennifer” to dominate national morning newscasts.

Lopez says the two broke things off because Affleck was uncomfortable with the extensive media coverage.

As we know, J-Lo went on to date A-Rod, who’s never seen a camera he didn’t like. The couple got engaged in 2019 before breaking up in April. J-Lo and Affleck got back together shortly thereafter.

Score a win for the good guys … except the Celtics, who, again, lost.