Brett Favre calls Mac Jones a 'young carbon copy' of Tom Brady


Brett Favre is on the Mac Jones bandwagon.

On his weekly SiriusXM NFL Radio show, the Hall of Fame passer didn’t mince words when praising Jones’ rookie performance. Favre compared Jones to another young Patriots quarterback who led them to tremendous heights. You know where we’re going with this.

“It’s premature to crown anyone, a team or player at this point in the season, but, I mean obviously coach (Bill) Belichick and Josh McDaniels and the organization chose Mac Jones for a reason,” Favre said, via ESPN’s Mike Reiss. “The way he plays, being ready instantly and not making many mistakes. Really, sort of a young carbon copy of Tom Brady. And it’s obviously way premature to say he is the next Tom Brady, but he plays a lot like him.”

Favre is far from the first ex-pro to compare the two quarterbacks, and though the comparisons don’t do Jones any favors long-term, their numbers are strikingly similar. Through 12 games, Jones has completed 70.3% of his passes for 2,850 yards with 16 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

Brady, meanwhile, completed 65.07% of his passes for 2,491 yards with 16 touchdowns and 10 interceptions through his first 12 starts in 2001. The Patriot went 9-3 over that stretch, and they're 8-4 with Jones.

The Patriots are winning on defense, but it’s apparent Jones is the best quarterback in his class. Favre sees it, along with the rest of the NFL world.