Brian Hoyer has been urging Mac Jones to have more fun

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FOXBOROUGH -- As the veteran backup to rookie Mac Jones, Brian Hoyer has spent a lot of time with Alabama product.

One of the things Hoyer has noticed is sometimes the QB takes things too seriously and is afraid to show some emotion, especially when things are going well. This is why Hoyer liked Sunday's blow out win over the Jets when Jones was the happiest he's been all year.

"I’m telling him, ‘Dude, you’ve got to smile sometimes. This is supposed to be fun,’" Hoyer said Thursday. "To see him coming off, see a little emotion and energy this past week, we just have to keep improving and keep that going. For me, it’s a pleasure first and foremost to be part of this team and organization. I love the guys in that locker room, but to take on this role in my 13th year with the knowledge I have accumulated over the years in this offense, I am always trying to point something out, or he has a question, that’s part of my job. So, it’s always great to see him continue to progress and continue getting better.”

Even though they are 13 years apart, Hoyer has enjoyed the working relationship.

“It’s been great," he said. "First, the thing you notice about Mac and everybody sees it is he’s a very mature 23-year-old. It’s been great. The thing I have been so impressed with him is he’s constantly trying to learn, constantly trying to get better — no matter what the situation. Whether it’s after a game, in a practice and you can see the wheels are always turning. He’s always thinking what can he do better, how can he do it better. I think him being as mature as he is, he’s done that pretty quickly. This is my 13th year, there’s always room to improve, so for him he’s always looking where he can improve, asks great questions, takes a lot of great notes. He’s done a great job.”