Damien Harris on G&K: I consider Mac Jones like a younger brother

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Gresh & Keefe - Damien Harris feels like himself and he's ready for the Jets
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Earlier in the week on Merloni & Fauria, Patriots quarterback Mac Jones said if he was in the movie "Step Brothers," Damien Harris would be the teammate that would be in the movie with him.

On Gresh & Keefe Friday, Harris agreed and went into detail on their relationship that dates all the way back to their days at Alabama.

“Mac is a great kid," he said. "Obviously, everyone knows our story. Since Day 1, we’ve been best friends. I do consider him like a younger brother — the little brother I never had. I love being able to come to work with him every single day. We focus so much on what goes on on the field and the Xs and Os and what happened on the football field, but I think the great part of this game is the relationships that you form, the bonds that you build and the people that you meet. Those relationships can carry on through the rest of your life. I know Mac is a guy 30, 40, 50 years down the road, we’re still going to be the same we’ve always been. That Step Brothers mentality.

"Who knows, maybe we’ll make a movie together one day. Mac is like a little brother to me. He’s been a great friend. Obviously, has been a great teammate and a tremendous leader for our team. Very fortunate to have that relationship with him and to be able to continue to work with him every single day.”

Harris and the Patriots will take on the Jets Sunday at Gillette Stadium.