ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky calls Patriots coaching staff the 'most concerning thing' in the NFL


Add ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky to the list of those who think the Patriots putting Joe Judge and Matt Patricia on offense is a terrible idea.

On “Get Up!” Monday, Orlovsky said Bill Belichick’s bizarre coaching configuration will put the Patriots at a sizable disadvantage.

“Two months ago I said this was the most concerning thing to me in the NFL, and it still is,” he said. “The Patriots took a strength and an advantage and now sit at a massive disadvantage. I have no clue what their offense is going to be, what their scheme is going to be.”

It’s been reported that both Joe Judge and Matt Patricia are possible candidates to take over play-calling duties on offense. Last week, Judge confirmed to reporters he’s been focusing on the quarterbacks, and intends to work closely with Jones.

That doesn’t sound so good to Orlovsky, either.

“It honestly concerns me for Mac Jones,” he said. “This quarterback who last year was so good, and was so attached to Josh McDaniels. And now I just want to be honest: When you say the phrase, ‘It’s going to be headed by Matt Patricia and Joe Judge,’ Joe Judge, respectfully, was the coach who on 3rd and 8 last year, called a quarterback sneak. Put that into context. Patriots fans, look at your schedule, find me one game where you can sit there and say, ‘Our offensive staff or scheme is going to give us an advantage in that football game.’ You can’t find one.”

It’s hard to argue with that. The NFL is filled with bright and young offensive minds; yet Belichick is going with Judge and Patricia.

That’s downright uninspiring.