Greg Hill scoop could indicate Jaylen Brown is planning to stay


The biggest question facing the Celtics this offseason is, what happens with Jaylen Brown?

After making an All-NBA team for the first time this season, Brown is eligible for a five-year, $295 million supermax extension. But his disappointing Eastern Conference Finals combined with his own noncommittal comments about his future in Boston raise questions about whether that mega-deal is really in everyone’s best interest.

Whether the Celtics offer Brown the supermax and whether he accepts remains to be seen, but a scoop from Greg Hill on Wednesday morning could indicate that Brown is planning to remain in Boston.

“A pretty legitimate source told me that Jaylen Brown is in the process of buying a couple of side-by-each condos at the St. Regis over in the Seaport, and plans on knocking the wall down and turning the two units into one,” Hill said on The Greg Hill Show (listen to full clip beginning at 32:20 in the player above). “So, if that were to be true, that says to me that Jaylen Brown wants to be here and expects to be here for a long time playing for the Boston Celtics.”

At the very least, it would suggest that Brown plans to be back for at least one more season. That much makes sense, because if he is offered the supermax and signs it, he can’t be traded for one year.

If he doesn’t sign a new deal, Brown wouldn’t be a free agent until after next season. However, in that scenario, you would have to imagine the Celtics would explore trading him this summer so they don’t risk losing him for nothing.

Regardless, if Brown really is in the process of moving into a new home in Boston, that would not seem like the move of someone who is hoping or expecting to be traded this offseason.

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