Incredible Red Sox offense stomps over Astros


The question was an obvious one considering what had happened in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series: Was this the most complete the Red Sox' lineup had felt all year.

For J.D. Martinez, it was hard to deny.

"Yeah. I mean, you have guys hitting in the top of the order and the guys hitting at the bottom of the order," Martinez noted after his team just put up nine runs on a Saturday night in Houston. "It's a deadly lineup because you know the guys in between are going to pretty much do what they do. So Kiké (Hernandez) to be playing the way he is playing and even (Alex Verdugo) Dugie hitting the ball the way he is hitting the ball, I mean, it's just a potent lineup, one through eight, one through nine, you know?"

Now, it's not even a question.

After the Red Sox' 12-3, Game 3 win over the Astros exhibited that not only was the best this club has looked with the bats all season, but there aren't a whole lot of examples of any Red Sox postseason offenses offering a better image.

In the words of Channel 5's Mike Lynch ...

Want the picture properly painted? The Red Sox have now hit 20 homers after eight games. After eight in the 2018 postseason run, they had seven.

This time there was Kyle Schwarber's historic grand slam in the second inning, giving the Red Sox a 6-0 lead. (The first time any team had hit three grannies in a single postseason series.)

Christian Arroyo hit his two-run homer in the third

J.D. Martinez went deep in the sixth to push the Sox' lead up eight runs.

And, finally, came yet another blast from Rafael Devers to punctuate an eight-game stretch that has now seen the Red Sox score 57 runs.

Pitching-wise, Eduardo Rodriguez did his part, going six innings and giving up three runs.