Jim Nagy on D&K: It would make sense for Patriots, others, to trade for Gardner Minshew


When it comes to the Patriots and the quarterback position next season, the team will be looking at every option.

Those will come via free agency, the draft and even a trade.

When it comes to a possible trade, one of the names being mentioned more and more of late is Gardner Minshew. With Jacksonville getting Trevor Lawrence, Minshew could be a candidate to get dealt.

Appearing on Dale & Keefe Wednesday, Senior Bowl director and former Patriots scout Jim Nagy believes Minshew would be a good option for New England.

"I am a big believer in Gardner," he said. "Whether it is the Patriots or somebody else, I think it is a really smart move to float a third [round pick]. If you could get him for a third or fourth-round pick, that’s an easy trade. Think about some of the players who have been picked in the third or fourth round. You go back to his rookie year, he is the highest rated rookie quarterback in the league, above Kyler Murray, on a team that doesn’t have a lot of weapons. And then [last year] was almost a sabotaged year for Gardner in my mind. The whole Tank for Trevor thing, I mean you can say what you want, he wasn’t set up for success [last] year. They pulled him and jerked him around a little bit, put Mike Glennon in there. I didn’t agree with anything that was going on. I believe in Gardner because he’s a baller.

“… He knows how to play the position and he is mobile. He can make plays with his legs. He can run around and create. He’s got great leadership. There’s a ton to like there. I really hope Gardner gets somewhere that invests him him. They picked him as a sixth-round pick in Jacksonville. He obviously surpassed anyone’s expectations by being the top rated rookie quarterback that year and winning like he did on a really average to below average football team. I hope someone trades for him and invests in him and invests around him and gives him chance to really be the guy. Forget about the sixth-round slot where he came into the league and just treat him for what he is talent wise. He’s a good player.”

In nine games last season, Minshew threw for 2,259 yards, 16 touchdowns and five interceptions.