Mike Lombardi doesn't believe what John Lynch is saying about Jimmy Garoppolo


Could Jimmy Garoppolo eventually end up in New England this offseason? According to former Patriots executive Mike Lombardi, it certainly seems possible.

Last week 49ers general manager John Lynch once again committed to Garoppolo, saying if he's injury-free he would be the Week 1 starter.

But, Lombardi isn't buying it.

"And do I believe 49ers general manager John Lynch when he claims that Garoppolo will be his starter in 2021? Of course not," he wrote for The Athletic. "They are too active, too aggressive to run it back one more year with someone they don’t have complete trust in. Don’t forget that this time last year I wrote a column about how the 49ers might entertain Brady. And if they followed through with their initial instincts, their season might have been slightly different."

Lombardi mentions Sam Darnold and Deshaun Watson as potential options for the 49ers.

Relating to the Patriots, if the 49ers acquire either of those two that likely means Garoppolo would be available and there's no question the Patriots would be interested given their need at the position as well as familiarity with the player.

It should be an interesting next few months.