Listen: Mike Lombardi gives reason for Patriots fans to feel good about Monday night vs. Bills


Monday night's game in Buffalo is obviously huge for both teams. The Patriots come in at 8-4, while the Bills are 7-4.

The two teams are very evenly matched, but speaking on Merloni & Fauria Friday afternoon, former Patriots executive Mike Lombardi gave reason for Patriots fans to feel good about Monday night as it relates to how the Bills are built.

“Buffalo is not built for the weather in Buffalo," he said. "They are more of a finesse team. We’re going to have 29 degrees, windy and overcast there, 21 mph winds, probably snow. That’s not exactly the best conditions to throw the football. It’s going to come down to physical toughness within the trenches and we’ll see what team is better in that area.”

Lombardi also believes the lack of a running game for Buffalo is an issue.

“It’s all on Josh Allen and here’s the other thing: They can’t get control of the game," he said. "Third-and-shorts, the tough yardage. When another team comes in there and pushes them around — look, I’m a big proponent of you’ve got to be able to throw the ball to score points and I think there’s no doubt (Buffalo can), but you have to run the ball to be able to pace the game. You have to run the ball to control the game. If you can do that, if you can play right and left-handed, running and throwing, you have a much better chance to win.”

Listen to the entire interview below (Patriots stuff begins around 3:30).

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