There will be a Game 7 — Celtics can’t close out Heat


This is why the losses in Games 1 and 3 hurt. The Celtics may be the better team, but the Heat still have talent. Moreover, they have the will to fight. The Heat were going to earn a win or two in this series, but they didn’t have to do that until Friday.

Now, a series that should’ve been Boston’s is completely up for grabs following Miami's 111-103 victory at TD Garden Friday night. Everyone knows anything can happen in Game 7. Sure, the talent advantage means something, but only so much when you’re facing another talented team that’s too stubborn to know when to quit.

Although, Game 6 left some room for doubt about the talent advantage in this series. Jimmy Butler may have disappeared in Games 4 and 5 after aggravating his knee in Game 3, but he more than made up for those performances on Friday. His performance from beyond the arc was an anomaly, but it’s undeniable he did what true superstars do when their team’s back is against the wall.

Assuming Butler doesn’t have a setback before Sunday, the Celtics need to reassess their approach to him. Also, they have got to get their turnover situation under control. Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum combined for 11 on Friday. As much as superstar status always seems to be about scoring and playmaking ability, making costly mistakes can weigh more heavily than either. And now, the Celtics have run out of room for error.