Who could’ve predicted Kyrie Irving requesting a trade (again)?


What a shame. Who could’ve seen this coming?

Not Celtics fans, that’s for sure. How could they after Irving verbally committed to staying in Boston only to leave them high and dry?

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Wait, Kyrie talked about being in Brooklyn for the long term, too? And now he wants out? So, all of New England pretty much knew this was going to happen all along? Well, isn’t that something.

If anything, the Nets should count themselves lucky. At least they know what’s going on before the trade deadline and have a chance to move him.

In fact, it’s a bit odd Irving made that request now. Sure, the Nets are struggling, but Kevin Durant is hurt. Before Durant’s injury, the Nets were putting things together and looking like the formidable team the NBA world expects them to be (as much as they haven’t beaten the Celtics once this season.)

Unless there’s been some unannounced issue with Durant as he works to get back on the floor, Irving is causing serious damage to Brooklyn’s chance at contending for a title. Could you argue that’s a little (very) on-brand for Kyrie? Yes. Hard to imagine anyone else would make a passable case against that.

It may only be so much of a surprise past the initial shock because the Kyrie Irving era in Brooklyn was an absolute mess, but there’s something surreal about seeing it end in such a similar manner as it did in Boston — as much as everyone in New England saw this coming well before anyone else.

Good luck to whoever willingly takes him on next.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports