Did you go to bed with "Next Day Anxiety?"

It's a real thing!
Can't sleep
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Life is so stressful now that as soon as we get through today's stress, we're already worried about tomorrow, It's a real thing, something called "Next day anxiety."

The results of a recent study by OnePoll were shared on Study Finds and lying in bed thinking about all the stuff you have to do tomorrow is keeping you awake.

The top things that keep us up are: Anxiety about the next day, replaying today's events in your head, being too hot or too cold, too much caffeine and dealing with back pain. Here are four more sleep stats from the survey, which was commissioned by the Mattress company Saatva:

1. It takes an average of 27 minutes to fall asleep each night. Not me, set the sleep timer on the TV for 10 minutes and I rarely ever seen it turn itself off. However, for 1 in 9 people, it takes over an hour and around a third of us can fall asleep in 15 minutes or less.

2. The average person wakes up in the middle of the night five times a week. Your dog is more likely to wake you up than your cat.

3.  Even our dreams were more stressful last year.  Half of Americans say they had more stress-fueled dreams than ever before.  The top stressful things we dream about include falling, dying, being chased, and being back in school.

4. 54% of us have a hard time sleeping without our favorite pillow and half said the same about a favorite blanket. Over a quarter of us can't sleep if our partner isn't lying next to us.