Even with smaller turnout for Halloween, don't let your pets eat baking chocolate from trick-or-treating


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Halloween doesn't have to be a spooky time for pets.

Thanks to the pandemic, this will be a Halloween unlike previous years.  More people will stay inside and leave the trick or treating for next year.

Even with fewer trick or treaters and a smaller mountain of candy, veterinarians say this year's homebound Halloween does present some unique hazards for pets.

For example, some people might be tempted to replace trick or treat candy with baked goods.

"That dark baker's chocolate is more of a concern for dogs that get into it, and cats to that degree, than regular milk chocolate," said Dr. David Gonsky of West Loop Veterinary Care in Chicago.

He added that decorations and Halloween costumes can be hazardous when eaten by pets.

"It can cause digestive upset.  Also, it can block the intestine and make a pet very sick," Dr. Gonsky said.

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