Dua Lipa discusses 'Houdini,' 'Dance The Night,' and putting 'Future Nostalgia' in the past

'I’m just so happy that I found myself in this new world sonically'
By , Audacy

Dua Lipa recently caught up with Audacy and CHANNEL Q host Corey Crockett to chat all about her brand new single, “Houdini,” her Barbie movie soundtrack hit, “Dance The Night,” and so much more.


“The cameo came after the song,” Dua shared about her appearance in the 2023 movie obsession that is Barbie. “After I had worked on 'Dance The Night,' Greta was like ‘I’d love for you to be mermaid barbie,’” to which Dua obviously obliged.

“It was a such a fun movie and project to be a part of," noting how it all came about from “Mark Ronson sending me a DM on Instagram.” Despite Dua being in the middle of her tour at the time, she wanted to be a part of the project, “so it was just about finding time to get into the studio to work on this record.”

“It was just so so fun, I loved being a part of it," Dua continued, talking a bit more about the song which is now nominated for a GRAMMY. “After all that hard work, it feels so amazing to be recognized… I’m super proud.”

Taking things back, to discuss Future Nostalgia, Dua reminisced about her “process of promoting” and how  “it wasn’t how I had imagined it.”

Discussing how strange it was “talking about this record that was actually made to be felt outside and connecting with people and dancing together, that now we’re actually all at home.” Dua expressed, “but, I think it served its purpose in the world in a way that it kept people dancing at home, when maybe we all needed it the most. And I feel so grateful to have been able to either put out my record and have people listen to it during that time, because it was such a confusing time for all of us, and collectively we were all going through something together in the world.”

“And then having the opportunity to tour it for a whole year last year, where then I got to see everybody enjoying the music real time was unbelievable.”

Now Dua is “ready to go with something new,” And her new single “Houdini” is just the start of what she has in store.

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For the track Dua got to work with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, whom she’s been a massive fan of and hoping to work with for quite some time now. “I’ve just been a fan since forever and it just felt right," the singer shared. “So I kind of reached out. He came down to the studio and we just connected so much musically.”

Hearing Dua discuss the creation process of the album and the producers that helped her throughout it, her excitement for what’s to come is truly contagious. “I’m just so happy that I found myself in this new world sonically, and I’m just excited for you to hear what’s coming too.”

Lastly answering Corey’s question on if she’s been influenced by her fans in the LGBTQ community, Dua said, “I think overall, the freedom and the community and the love that’s in the LGBTQ community is always inspiring. And I think creating safe spaces where people can express themselves and feel like they can be themselves or feel like they’re being seen or heard or whatever that is super important… So to me I’m always inspired by that, and I think it’ll always inspire me.”

Listen to Dua Lipa's full talk with Corey Crockett from CHANNEL Q above.

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