#Free4All After Dark: "I Sowwie"


The #Free4All might be dead while we all wait out a horrific pandemic hell-bent on ruining 2020, but #Free4All After Dark has proven to be a worthy replacement! Every weeknight at 7pm on the Mix 94.1 Facebook Page, we are talking trending stories, interviewing Mix artists, and playing for Vietnamese Dong. (We can explain... you just gotta watch.)

Tonight on the show, Sam Nunley got a little competitive. Maybe...too competitive? Kira Smethers and Darya Abbassi have already qualified for the "Tournament Of Dong" (again, you just gotta watch to understand)... and the reigning champion Sam hasn't. Did it turn her heel? Check out the clip above, and watch the whole show right here!!

Watch live and interact with us weeknights at 7pm on the Mix 94.1's Facebook and Twitch accounts! #Free4All is sponsored by Chapman Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram!