Free4All: Much Needed Dialogue


If you didn't know, #Free4All has been living on during the pandemic as #Free4All After Dark, which airs weeknights at 7pm on the Mix 94.1 Facebook Page. Usually the show is all fun and games, stuff to make you feel great and stop thinking about the gravity of what's outside your window.

Monday's show was different.

We invited local photographer, thinker, and frankly great human being Jerry Metellus to discuss the great, deep racial wounds that continue to divide this country. What does "White Privilege" mean? The difference between the protests and the looting. What institutional racism looks like and why the Civil Rights Act didn't really level the playing field. How some of the best intentioned people in their daily lives may inevitably do things that discriminate others.

The conversation isn't meant to spark deep divisions between races, but is to give those who aren't living the reality of being a black person in America a better idea of the daily struggles, attitudes and roadblocks that rear their head daily - struggles, attitudes and roadblocks that white people would not see based purely upon the color of their skin.

How the stories of George FloydAhmaud Arbery and countless others can pick at the wounds of Rosa Parks, Emmett Till and one of the biggest racial cover-ups in American history that just so happened to have happened 99 years ago yesterday - Black Wall Street.

It's time for open dialogue. It's time to ask questions and listen. And that's what we did.