Mercedes in the Morning's That Was Awkward : Steph's First Time Playing!

We play a fun game called "That Was Awkward" and let's just say the photo of Mercedes says it all!!
That Was Awkward: 2/18/21

Have you ever played the card game "That Was Awkward?" Well just like the name of the game.. it gets a little awkward!!

We had two categories: Do This and Say This. For "Say This": Steph had to meow like a cat, J.C. had to sing a lullaby, and Mercedes had to name things that start with the letter "P". For "Do This" Mercedes had to lick an ice cream, J.C. had to rub his hands together with an evil look on his face, and Steph had to do the "Gangnam Style" dance.

Watch the FB live video!! It gets pretty hilarious.