Decorate to celebrate the holiday season with Zero Waste intentions!

Green Up the Holidays!
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'Tis the season to be eco-friendly. Celebrate the holidays spreading eco-cheer with a sustainable spirit. When we decorate to celebrate... Green Up! Let's do 1Thing together y'all!

Holiday Trees
Authentic trees become toxic fillers with millions of real Christmas trees ending up in landfills . Rather than cutting down a tree, get a potted Christmas tree. You can plant it after the holidays are over! Or be sure to recycle your Christmas tree at the end of the season. Do 1 Thing ATX

Artificial trees ... It's difficult to find an artifical tree that is not made from PVC or some kind of plastic. Although if you use the same tree year after year, it can be more helpful than always having a real tree. Especially if you do not do a potted tree to plant later. There are some trees made from recycled PVC which is the way to go if you must get an artifical tree. Here are some options.

Enjoying all the pretty lights, ornaments, wrapped gifts, cards and more are a big part of holiday traditions. There's also the overconsumption part too. Not buying more is always the best option. Reuse what you already have. Recycle rather than filling landfills. Enjoy the moments and experiences that create traditions filled with wonderful memories you can cherish! Here are ways to get your eco-cheer on ...
Zero waste Christmas
Zero waste gifts
Zero waste gift wrap
Zero waste decorations
Zero waste food
Sustainable Christmas tree

Many more Zero Waste Intentions for the holiday season here!

Don't forget this important part of the holiday season going into the New Year 2024! Recycling your real tree properly! The City of Austin will help keep it out of the landfill starting December 26! There will be curbside and drop-off options at Zilker Park. Give your tree another life by recycling it!

Recycling decorations and more made easier with the Austin Recyles app! Apple Android! Let's Do 1 Thing Together! Green Up 2024!

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