Lorde needed IV fluids after day drinking with Seth Meyers

'You did kind of destroy me'
Lorde, Seth Meyers
Photo credit Getty Images
By , Audacy

After filming a segment on Late Night with Seth MeyersLorde says she was the opposite of “Sober!”

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The 24-year-old singer and Meyers shot a segment of the talk show together that involved so much alcohol it had Lorde swearing off drinking and needing IV fluids to recover. During the bit, both the stars consumed large amounts of alcohol while taking part in drinking games.

Lorde’s drink of choice was a classic Martini, however, Meyers also made some Lorde-themed drinks, like the “Solar Power,” which the singer said, “wasn’t terrible.” The duo quizzed each other on slang from New England and New Zealand, respectively Meyers’ a