Billie Eilish says her next album is ‘closer to the end stages’

'I feel really good about where the music is right now'

After wrapping a two-year tour, Billie Eilish is wasting no time moving right into her next projects. The 21-year-old stopped by for an Audacy Check In with Bru to bring us up to speed on it all.

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“It’s been wild,” Eilish told Bru of spending roughly the last two years on the road. “I feel like the person I was in the beginning of this tour to the end is like, complete night and day, full 180. I’ve learned so much… so much about myself.”

She continued, “I think when I started that tour I had no idea what I was doing and no idea who I was or what I liked or how to move, really at all… The person that I am now is like a person that really knows herself and really has figured it out for the most part,” she said before clarifying “only in certain areas of my life — I’m not a genius of the world.”

Eilish seems to be taking that confidence right into her next studio album, which she says is currently in the works and closer “to the end stages.”

“We are making an album that we like,” Eilish said of the project, admitting she got in her own head at the beginning of the creative process. “I think at the beginning of the making of it… I was very in my head about, ‘What are people going to want? What are they going to think is cool?’ [Then] I had a moment of, ‘Hold on, the reason that people liked me in the first place was because I was just doing what I wanted to do.”

Eilish is doing exactly that as she’s writing songs with older brother and regular collaborator, Finneas, for the album that she says she likes “whether people hear it or not.”

“With this album specifically, its the kind of thing where… if somebody asked us for whatever reason to make something that no one’s ever gonna hear and we only like it and it doesn’t matter what everybody thinks because we’re the only ones that are going to hear it… We would be making the same album.”

As Billie has found peace pursuing the music that speaks to her, she says the fans are never far from her mind when it comes to creating.

“I feel really good about where the music is right now and how I like it and that’s important to me,” she expressed. “But, I also keep the fans in mind all the time. I’m always thinking about them so it kind of goes hand-in-hand and I think that they’re growing with me. I think that we have similar tastes at the same times, so hopefully, it’ll work for them.”

Hear more about what fans can expect from the forthcoming project in addition to Billie’s relationship with Finneas, her most recent tour, and more by checking out her entire conversation with Audacy’s Bru above.

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