10 Life Hacks for Dog Owners

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Who doesn’t love a simple trick that can simplify life? These life hacks come from a writer who has two labs with tons of energy. And Rebecca Wilde has traveled with her dogs so she can attest to some of these suggestions....

See if a few of these ideas can simplify your life a bit.

- Use the squeegees for a shower on your carpet to pick up dog hair.

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- Make quick frozen treats by mixing chicken broth, peanut butter, apples, and carrots in the blender and freezing in ice cube trays.

- Put a shower cap on your dog when bathing them to keep water from entering their ears.

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- Baking soda is the best way to get the smell of dog pee out of anything.

- If your dog freaks out during a storm, remove the static electricity build-up in their fur by rubbing a drier sheet over their coat.

- Fill your dog’s Kong with four cheese cubes and throw it in the microwave to let the cheese melt. Once melted, put it in the freezer. It’s the perfect thing to keep them busy for a long time. Always supervise your dog when giving them items like Kongs.

- If you don’t have a slow eater bowl, add a tennis ball to the dog bowl to help slow them down when they are eating.

- Takeyourpet.com and bringfido.com are great resources when traveling with your pets to find out if hotels are pet-friendly. Rebecca doesn't know about the Takeyourpet app but bringfido.com was a life-saver when she went cross country with her kids.

- Use the Dog Monitor app for free to get your dog’s attention when taking pictures of them. It makes noises that they cannot resist.

- Help fight bad breath in your pups with some fresh sprigs of parsley on top of their food. Anther one Rebecca can attest to. Try planting it in your garden this year or grow some inside so you have it all year round. And it's cheaper than buying it in your favorite grocery store.

Photo credit Rebecca Wilde
Photo credit Rebecca Wilde
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Photo credit Rebecca Wilde
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