Live Music at Flat Iron Crossroads

kat simons

"HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT Flat Iron Crossroads? They are a nonprofit organization that has revitalized the site of a 100-year-old gas station into an intimate, modern performing arts center located on the corner of Flat Iron Road and Daffodil Lane in Gloucester, Virginia (near Brent and Becky's). And it's just SO COOL

Just as gas stations have prepared travelers for journeys since the advent of motor transportation, Flat Iron Crossroads strives to help patrons discover “avenues” of musical adventure both familiar and untraveled.

Flat Iron Crossroads' hopes to offer educational workshops for those interested in the performing arts community in Gloucester and the surrounding counties of Virginia’s historic Middle Peninsula. By bringing performing arts workshops for all experience levels of performers, by partnering with local schools and colleges, and by creating mentorship programs, Flat Iron Crossroads will become more than just a fabulous venue to experience live music—it will become a vital community—a culture of performing artists!

Check out their line-up for June—including a special Juneteenth workshop and live concert—at this link or give them a like on Facebook/follow on Instagram @flatironcrossroads to stay in the loop.

DON'T MISS OUT! MARK YOUR CALENDAR! One of our all time favorites, Good Shot Judy, will be performing at Flat Iron Crossroads on July 3rd from 6 to 9:30pm (gates open at 5pm!), rain or shine. This is an outdoor event, with plenty of room for social distancing and dancing. A food truck will be on site, bring a blanket or lawn chair"