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2023 Hurricane Season Virginia
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Rebecca Wilde much prefers the cocktail hurricane to the kind the National Weather Service is talking about for the 2023 season, withini which Virginia may see up to 9 hurricanes! Up to 4 of them could be deadly. Even Governor Glen Younkin is warning us to batten down the hatches and be prepared stating, “Now is the time to prepare your families and property, check your insurance coverage, and identify those trusted sources of information that can help keep you safe.” One important message the Governor wants you to know is to get a communication plan ready for you and your family and to "Know Your Zone." This is a great way to track where and how severe a particular storm may be/get.

2023 Hurricane Season
Photo credit Rebecca Wilde

Dominion Energy has put out some recommendations as well including a pre-check of your generator and making sure your devices are charged ahead of time. Wicker and Wilde also recommend checking out multiple sites regarding the storms like the National Hurricane Center and the National Weather Service. You can also sign up for alerts and warnings from your county and state, as well as NOAA Weather Radio.

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All it takes is for a hurricane to make one bad turn and your life will change dramatically. The 2023 Virginia Hurricane Evacuation Guide will help get you ready with response suggestions which include evacuation information and steps to take if we get hit as well as recovery activities. Another great tip is to download the FEMA app and visit Ready.gov or Listo.gov for preparedness tips.

We recognize we have provided a lot of information and links, however, the worst thing you can do during the hurricane season, which is active until November 30th, is to ignore any potential danger. Stay safe. We love you!

Hurricane Season 2023
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