Meghan Trainor Releases 'Make You Dance' Ahead of Treating Us With Deluxe Album

Meghan returns with new music and she's here to make us dance

Meghan Trainor is treating not just herself, but us as well, with a deluxe version of her third album Treat Myself, scheduled for a July 17 release.

According to the official press release, Treat Myself Deluxe will feature “three brand new songs and unreleased alternate recordings of two fan favorites.”

Lucky for us, the GRAMMY Award-winning singer decided to indulge us with a little taste of the sweet treat to come. Meghan dropped one of the “brand new songs” on the the album “Make You Dance” today and just like all of Trainor’s hits, it’s a bop and then some.

The track is filled with funky disco vibes, and when the bass drops it delivers, and so do Meghan’s lyrics. “Lately I’ve been lazy, I’ve been drowning in my head/With these thoughts making me crazy, I’d rather dance instead.” Girl… same, so on to the killer chorus, “I dropped this s*** to make you, make you…dance.” Well, mission accomplished Meghan, we’re dancing. Trust us you will be too.

As for the other album additions, we’ll have to just be patient and wait another week. For now, if you’re looking for us, we’ll be over here, dancing.

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