Struggling Spa Now Offering 'Butt Facials'

By , ALT 103.7

As businesses reopen, many are finding new struggles due to some of the safety guidelines that have been implemented.

For a spa in New York that specializes in facials, they have seen a dip in business since their guidelines prohibit them from working on customers' faces, reported the New York Post.

To turn things around, Sofie Pavitt Skincare Studio is now offering butt facials for customers looking for a tune-up for their backside.

Sofie Pavitt, the Chinatown spa owner, was looking for a way to continue her business, even though New York guidelines prohibit her from working on faces.

Her solution was to pivot to a different part of the body. “It’s a facial for your booty,” Pavitt said.

The 45-minute treatment costs $159 and includes exfoliation of the buns, a scrub or an enzyme peel, and a moisturizing mask.

“I think after all the time in quarantine, people require some self-care. They’re jumping at the chance to have someone touch them. I don’t think it matters the body part,” Pavitt said.

The spa has already lined up clients for this new treatment and expects more as people look to pamper their backside.

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