Alanis Morissette already owns the 2020 Tony Awards

You oughta know Alanis would slay this awards season

Alanis Morissette has brought her 1995 masterpiece album Jagged Little Pill to life and prominence on the Broadway stage, earning 15 nominations for the 2020 Tony Awards.

The “Ironic” singer’s work stands in a depleted field of nominees due to the spread of coronavirus. Almost all venues shut down shows by March 2020, adhering to safety measures. Morissette’s musical opened in New York in July 2019. Jagged Little Pill is one of three show up for “Best Musical.”

Moulin Rouge! The Musical and Tina – The Tina Turner Musical also received multiple award nominations.

Jagged Little Pill packs all the original songs from the 1995 album. There are also two originals songs written by the artist; “Predator” and “Smiling.”

The ceremony itself has been postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19, and will be held virtually at a later date. It’s a disheartening reality for many people in the industry working hard for their art. Alanis spoke with RADIO.COM back in September about these feelings of despair for our I’m Listening broadcast.

She gave advice for those that are talking to or helping out someone who is going through a rough time. “First I would just sit with them and let them know I’m not going anywhere and then I would sit in silence with them for as long as they wanted,” she says. “Then eventually if someone begins to feel safe enough, they might risk telling me in this case what’s actually going on for them. Mentally, thoughts, physically, emotionally, psychically, spiritually.”

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