Band Of Horses discuss the ‘emotional’ return to the stage

'It's still really emotional to be back'
Band of Horses
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As live music makes its return, it’s been an emotional experience for artists and fans alike.

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Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses joined Audacy’s Marty Lennartz at Lollapalooza to shed light on what it is like from an artist’s perspective. Bridwell noted the band had “a couple shows.” prior to their Lollapalooza set to warm up.

“There’s a couple times in those first two shows where it’s like, ‘don’t cry,’ because you won’t be able to sing,” he said. “It’s so emotional just to be back and to be able to share that push and pull with the audience and band that’s really special.”

“It’s really still emotional to be back.”

Bridwell did note that Band of Horses has a new album that will be coming out in 2021. “It’s not very good, but it is done,” he said with a laugh. While the new record is on the way, don’t expect the band to perform the songs in concert anytime soon. “We need a good, focused rehearsal to remember what we did because it’s been a bit since we recorded that album,” he said.

When Band of Horses releases their upcoming studio album, it’ll come with the Rick Rubin stamp of approval. Bridwell shared a story on how the band went out to visit with the acclaimed producer to get his feedback on the record.

“We went out to Malibu and played him the tracks and got his take on things,” Bridwell said. “It’s a weird thing to do, to go to someone’s house and be like, ‘will you listen to my record and will you critique it?’”

Rubin isn’t afraid to be blunt with his opinions and it’s something that can help artists in the long run. “He’s one of those guys that’s not afraid to do that and give you sometimes some tough critique,” Bridwell said. “He’s always been there for us like that. I appreciate him.”

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