Beabadoobee is optimistic about life after lockdown but knows there will be growing pains

'I have this feeling we're gonna have this summer of love... but it's unavoidable that people are gonna be so much more awkward'
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Alt-pop singer beabadoobee joined Audacy's Kevan Kenney this week to discuss her brand new single "Last Day On Earth" and recently-announced Our Extended Play EP produced and co-written with Matty Healy and George Daniel of The 1975.

Bea's new single was written just after the initial worldwide shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is a reflection on the things she would have done if she were able to predict the new state of the world.

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Rather than it being a song about regret, the Filipino-born British songwriter sees the track as more of an over-exaggeration of our present condition. "The state we're currently living in is almost apocalyptic," she admits. "So, it only made sense to make a song kind of referring to that. "I honestly wouldn't be surprised if everyone who's gotten vaccinated turn into zombies or something," she says with a smirk.

There is quite a bit of truth behind the single, taking away the exaggerations. "I was gonna go on tour, so that essentially meant I would be traveling," Bea admits. Given the chance to do things differently pre-pandemic, she says she would have definitely gone on more pleasure trips. "I never took advantage of going clubbing and going out so much," she adds. "If I had known this was going to happen I'd be outside so much more, you know? It sucks but apparently lockdown is getting lifted quite soon here in London. So, I'm hoping it'll be good."

Although she, like many of us, has no idea what life will be like once the pandemic has subsided. "I definitely feel so much more awkward," she says. "Like, I have no idea how to socialize but at the same time I have this feeling we're gonna have this summer of love... hopefully when festivals start happening there will be a sense of togetherness and community. It'll be sick! But I know it's unavoidable that people are gonna be so much more awkward."

Bea wrote her new EP with Matty and George of The 1975 during a string of sessions out in the countryside -- a marked difference from the setting where she penned her breakout record Fake It Flowers, which was done in the "really f***ing messy" London bedroom that she called in from today.

"I never really collaborated songwriting-wise with someone else, except for Matty when we did this EP" she says about the new record. "We did it on this farm. I guess it was similar because it was very isolated, but I was living with him and George, and my band on this farm," she laughs with an air of incredulity.

Well known as a film buff, and documented again and again in Zoom chats and social posts that feature her giant Tom Hanks poster, Bea says she would pair her new release "with any coming-of-age film... that entire vibe is so lovely," she says. "Something summery and happy, because I guess this EP is all those vibes." Her previous record could also be considered a work of growth, she says, "but very much about a girl, very much about me. I think this EP is kind of like... where I'm at now and the situation we're living in, and what I'm feeling."

The forced break from touring that coincided with the release of her first studio album almost turned into a blessing, she says, because it gave her the time to take in all of the good things that were coming her way, without the distraction of the road. She remembers a dream that she had just after Fake It Flowers dropped, where she was dancing with all of the people that the record's songs were about. It was awkward, she admits, "but it was like, 'oh thank f*** that's over.'"

Looking ahead to future music, and we're sure there will be quite a bit, Bea says this new record is not quite a sequel to Fake It Flowers, but a view into what she has coming on the horizon. "Something like that... more of a sequel to the next thing that I want to create."

Watch the full interview with Kevan and Beabadoobee above, and keep an eye out for her new EP, Our Extended Play, on shelves and streaming this spring. Stay tuned for more exclusive chats with your favorite artists right here on Audacy.

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