Beabadoobee channels her lo-fi spirit animal with 'How Was Your Day?'

The artist's new single teases her upcoming album

Beabadoobee weaves an acid washed melody of melancholy with her latest single “How Was Your Day?”, from her upcoming debut album Fake It Flowers.

The music video perfectly embodies a distant and gravely tone for this single. Panels of 8 mm footage depict the Filipino-born British singer-songwriter basking in halcyon moments with a love interest. Soft acoustic strums reveal both intimate and candid moments.

In an interview with Louder, the artist expressed a desire return to the lo-fi, DIY aesthetics of her earlier music. "I wanted to emphasize the rawness of the lyrics with the song sonically which is why I recorded it on a four-track with all the little mistakes and vocal wobbles included,” she said.

“I wanted the music video to feel nostalgic to me, to include all the people I cared about, it took me back to the time I first started making music.”

She told the Los Angeles Times in a recent interview that her musical influence stems from 90’s rock. “My mum used to play The Cranberries and Liz Phair and Natalie Imbruglia. It was like the background of my childhood.”

The single comes two weeks after her last release, “Worth It.” The 20-year-old has already garnered attention with various Eps and songs that have been streamed millions of times. She plans to tour across the UK in 2021, if public health conditions improve before a vaccine is released for COVID-19.

Her debut album Fake It Flowers, drops October 16.