Billie Eilish explains why she went vegan at age 12

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Billie Eilish
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Blessing us with blonde hair and body baring might be new to Billie Eilish but a vegan diet isn’t, and she explained all the reasons she chose the plant based lifestyle during the “Ask a Legend” segment of her British Vogue feature.

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In the nearly 20 minute vid, Eilish is tasked to answer 23 questions asked by famous fans, one of whom was Orlando Bloom, who claimed to be “90 percent plant-based” himself - asked Eilish why she decided to go vegan (which she’s been since age 12).

“I’ve been vegan for, damn, seven years,” Billie responded. “I learned about the dairy industry and the meat industry, which I already knew about. Once you know about that kind of thing and you see it it’s really hard to go back. And, even now, while I have many friends that eat dairy and meat and I don’t want to tell anybody what to do, I just can’t go on in my life knowing what’s going on in the animal world and not doing anything about it.” Literally same, we’ve also chosen that plant based life and have those exact same feels.

In another question from Hailey Bieber, Billie revealed her favorite place for takeout food as My Vegan, a Thai restaurant in Los Angeles, where her go-to order is garlic basil noodles, satay, and curry.

Billie’s British Vogue cover left everyone shooketh, with her showing out and slaying in lingerie, which is a hella huge departure from her usual baggy clothing vibe. Aside from her discussing her veganism, The “Your Power” singer also spoke on body positivity and aimed to empower her fans to make their own choices, be it in food or fashion.

One of the final people to ask Eilish a question during the interview was actress Melissa McCartney, who inquired about how she maintains her personal style in an industry that often shapes artists to its liking. “I try really hard to not let any thoughts of who or what I should look like affect me.” Eilish responded. “I don’t have to worry. I am me and I am the only person that I need to make happy… I’m the only person that needs to like me and like what I wear and who I am and what I say.”

And that’s why we love you Billie, and always appreciate what you have to say… and sing. Speaking of, Happier Than Ever, Billie’s second album debuts on July 30, which if her newest single “Your Power” is any indication, will be absolute fire.

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