Billie Joe Armstrong Covers The Bangles, Reveals New Green Day Music In the Works

'No Fun Mondays' are turning into pretty good days!

Billie Joe Armstrong has been keeping himself busy under quarantine. He’s just announced six freshly penned songs to present to Mike and Tré once everyone is allowed back in the same room.

Aside from his recently released covers of classic jams on YouTube and his RADIO.COM at-home performance of “Grafittia,” Armstrong revealed to Kerrang! that he’s got a few new Green Day tracks burning a hole in his pocket.

“I’ve been writing a lot of music, and I had all these melodies in my head, so I wrote, like, six songs since all of this has been going on,” he says. “I don’t know when I can get together with Mike and Tré, but I told them to make sure that they’re quarantined for now, and then I hope down the road we can get back in the studio with ['Father Of All…' producer] Butch Walker.”

Just like you, Billie Joe has a bunch of free time on his hands, and he goes on to explain his feelings of confusion and isolation as well as how he’s managing time with his family. Paired with his constant creative spark, it’s no surprise Armstrong has been hard at work.

On top of this news, it seems Green Day’s ‘No Fun Mondays’ YouTube series is really starting to take shape. Another video was released April 6, a cover of The Bangles’ 1986 hit “Manic Monday” (Fun Fact: Written by Prince) and features Bangle Susanna Hoffs herself.

Watch below and be sure to stay on the lookout for new Green Day on the horizon.

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