Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day: 'Donald Trump is holding half of the country hostage'

'It's a waiting game at this point to get him out'
Billie Joe Armstrong
Photo credit Getty Images

Billie Joe Armstrong has never been one to mince words with his feelings about President Trump.

The Green Day frontman was speaking with British publication NME and was asked about the current environment in America. “In the States it’s been kind of crazy,” he said. “We’ve had COVID and the election, and it’s just been pretty mad around here.”

After saying “it feels like there hasn’t been a dull moment for the last four years,” Armstrong gave his opinion about the mood of the country following President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

“I think it’s inevitable that Trump has to leave, but he’s holding half of the country hostage,” Armstrong said.

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As Trump continues to wage legal battles fighting the results of the election, Armstrong isn’t sure which side is the one being held hostage at this point. “I can’t figure out which side,” he says. “Whether it’s the people that support him or the people that hate him?”

Armstrong calls it “a waiting game at this point to get him out” and believes that "then the temperature will lower a little bit more.”

Green Day often infuses their feelings on the current political climate into their music. This was especially present in their latest album Father of All Motherf******. “There’s a certain amount of isolation and feeling paranoid on the last album that fit with where we are as a society,” Armstrong said of the record.

“The way we get information is almost like having voices inside your head.”

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