Chris Martin on new music from Coldplay: 'We were just throwing away any concept of limitation'

'Higher Power' is now available everywhere
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On the heels of the release of Coldplay's brand new single "Higher Power," frontman Chris Martin joined Audacy morning show Cane + Corey on-air for a chat today to catch us up on the exciting times.

Coldplay's new track follows the band's two-time GRAMMY-nominated 2019 album Everyday Life and is available for download and on streaming platforms now.

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Chris kicked off the conversation this morning with Cane, Corey, and Riley with a poignant question in response to being asked how he and his family have been over the past year. "You mean my immediate family, right? Not the family of people on Earth." We missed you, Chris.

It's been a wild ride for all of us over the past year as the world continues to struggle with the effects of the pandemic. Chris says his loved ones are all doing well; "we've had some ups and downs, and I think it would be difficult right now to just describe oneself as 'happy,' because there's so many different emotions every day. I'm definitely happy, but I'm also aware of all of the stuff that's going on, everywhere."

With no tour planned during that time, Chris says the band was "lucky" in that respect since it gave them space to keep "chiseling away" on new music. "I had to do a bit of self-reflection," he admits, "on 'what is my life without being a stadium singer?' That was quite interesting for a couple of months to sort of dismantle oneself."

Throughout that reflection, "I've learned a lot about me, and life, and everything," Chris explains. "The main thing, we're only as healthy as other people around, you know what I mean? We're all here on this little rock, together. You can try and run away from it and isolate yourself behind a wall or behind a border or whatever... but ultimately, a thing that this virus shows is that, no, you're really basically in the same house. That's the beautiful thing I take from it."

The new single is a sonic shift from the band's 2019 offering, Chris says. "We made a very small album a year and a half ago, which was all quite 'down' -- not 'down' but it was very much about what we were seeing around us in the world. Then some other songs were coming through that felt a bit more optimistic and positive, and 'Higher Power' was very much at the front of that pack."

The track's visual is set on what you would assume is a fictional planet, called 'Chaotica,' although Chris was quick to point out that it's "not necessarily fictional, but yeah, a planet." All of the billboards and social media posts leading up to the release featured the 'Chaotican' language. Answering again the question of what the band had been up to for the past year, Chris says "we spent the last year ripping up all the rules we had. So we were like, 'let's just do another language, or let's go to another planet' -- all of that stuff. I think we were just throwing away any concept of limitation."

Looking forward to playing live in front of massive crowds again, although perhaps not their upcoming Glastonbury performance -- "we're playing Glastonbury, but the audience capacity is zero," Chris says. "Yeah, no people."

"I really love, and live, and breathe music so I'm happy playing it if there's no one there, but there's also half of my whole soul needs to play for people. That is the half that I've had to negotiate with a bit," Chris says regarding a return to the stage.

As for getting into the groove of Zoom meetings and being less connected physically during this time, a sense of perspective is needed, he says -- a bit of advice we could all take to heart. "What might seem a little challenging or annoying, on a worldwide level there's really nothing to worry about."

Keeping the excitement going into the weekend, the band will be joining American Idol to help this season's semi-finalists as they take on some Coldplay favorites for Mother's Day, leading up to a special performance of their new single Sunday night.

Watch the full interview with Chris Martin above and be sure to pick up "Higher Power," available now everywhere music lives.

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