Coldplay Dance Through Timeless Love for 'Cry Cry Cry' Video

Directed by Dakota Johnson

Coldplay has shared their latest video from their Everyday Life album, taking it to the dance floor for “Cry Cry Cry.” In a vintage ballroom, the band plays as a couple dances from youthful love to aged affection. Still in step together after everyone else has left, the song provides the perfect partner for the timeless love story.

The video for “Cry Cry Cry” is directed by actress Dakota Johnson along with Cory Bailey. The Fifty Shades of Grey actress has reportedly been dating frontman Chris Martin for the past few years.

Last month, Coldplay joined us for a special RADIO.COM LIVE event, playing “Cry Cry Cry” and songs from their ambitious new double album. You can check out highlights from the performance here.

“It is doo-wop, yeah,” Martin told RADIO.COM last year about “Cry Cry Cry.”

“I would say it started with the song ‘Earth Angel’ which I heard in ‘Back to the Future’ in 1985. We love that kind of music. And then this song also came from listening to an old song called ‘Cry Baby’ from the 60s, sung by a singer called Garrett Mimms. I heard that song and then a bit of it stayed with me and then another song came around it.”

“I just feel like, just mess around with things these days, and sound a bit different and that’s okay.”

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