Did The Killers just reveal the tracklist for their next album?

'Oh yeah, there will be another album'
The Killers
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The Killers have rumors running wild after tweeting a mysterious post that resembles a tracklist for an upcoming album.

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In August the band dropped their sixth album, Imploding the Mirage, and now this 11 song list with the words “A List” scribbled on it seems like a follow up to their summer LP.

During an interview with NME this summer, Brandon Flowers explained, “I’m not writing a quarantine album or anything like that.” He adds, “You kind of just start hitting your stride when you’re finishing a record. You’re writing lyrics, you’re mixing everything, you’re in it – then you go on tour. It’s interesting to not be going on tour and having any of that stuff taking up my brain."

"I just went right back to the piano. I was already exercising my songwriting muscles so a lot of it came very quickly."

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Through the interview Flowers even confirms that there will be another album following Imploding the Mirage saying, “Oh yeah, there will be another album. I’m excited. It might be better than this one.”

The most recent cryptic tweet comes with no additional explanation beyond the 11 titles listed, so one can only presume that this is the precursor to The Killer’s next body of work.

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