On the topic of 'privilege' with Olivia Vedder and Lella Anders

Privilege is a super power when it is used to educate and empower others

: An advantage.

The word "privilege' has been in the spotlight this year more than ever. We have all had to come to terms with it and what it stands for in our individual lives. The question I have been asking myself is, "how does my privilege affect other people?" Some of us, myself included, have been blindly passing it off as something that belongs to someone else. To me, it seems that we have not accepted our roles as privileged humans until this year forced us to. I am glad that it did.

This has been a year of challenge, change, and the forced re-alignment of perspective. This has been a year of tragedy and loss, reflection and insight. This has been the year of the activist, the type of people that can hear the heartbeat of the world and refuse to not answer its aching call. The kind of people we need on our side, the ones that will get up, get to the frontlines, and fight the good fight because someone has to.

Enter Olivia Vedder and Lella Anders.

Olivia Vedder is the daughter of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder. Olivia and her friend Lella Anders, whose father is on the board of directors for Global Citizen, formed a friendship out of mutual respect for one another and quickly found common ground in activism. They both have that fire, that unquenchable thirst for change, that youthful confidence, the kind that can actually change the world. What I love about them both is how supportive they are of one another, how much love is sewn into that friendship, and how their friendship is the key to unlocking all the doors of possibility.

These are two girls who were called to action because they were both raised by families who are inclusive, purposeful, and engaged. They seem to be way ahead their years. It's funny, people have a certain perception of this latest generation. They seem to be assigned the role of Tik-Tokers,and sure maybe they use that platform, but in reality, they are progressive, individualistic, diverse, entrepreneurial, and digital natives who put thought to action in a moments notice and without hesitation.

Olivia and Lella did just that. They have put thought to action and created "Let's Talk", an interview series on IGTV "featuring a bunch of interesting, passionate guests", which include their fathers, Eddie Vedder and Michael Anders, actress Laura Dern, musician Brandi Carlile, Jennifer Palmieri, former Director of Communications for Barack Obama, Peter Shapiro of Headcount.Org, and many more impressive and inspired guests.

They take on voting, politics, climate change, and anything and everything that should matter to us as citizens of Planet Earth. Simply put, Olivia Vedder and Lella Anders are taking on the world. My best advice to everyone, get out of their way.

I started things off by mentioning privilege. The reason I did that was because I wanted to offer an example of what privilege can do when it is used by people who want it to mean something, not just for themselves, but for the good of others. I had the privilege of talking to two bright, passionate, sharp, and thoughtful young ladies who are showing everyone what we are all capable of when we put our hearts where our mouths are. Privilege is a super power when it is used to educate and empower others. I learn a lot from Olivia and Lella. I learned that sometimes it isn't about being brave, it's just about doing it, you can worry about how scared you are later.

I Zoomed with the girls and got to know them​ better and their story is as lovely as they are. Please enjoy our enlightening conversation.

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