Fall Out Boy Makes Major Donation to Black Lives Matter, Plans to 'Continue and Expand' Support

The band pledged $100,000 to National Bail Out and Black Visions Collective

Fall Out Boy pledged their support to the Black Lives Matter movement and took to social media to speak out against racial injustice and police brutality.

The group will be donating $100,000 from the Fall Out Boy Fund to National Bail Out and Black Visions Collective. The two organizations have gained prominence following recent protests over the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

"When you discover rot deep within your house you don't just paint over it. You dismantle it and rebuild a better house,” the band wrote in a statement.

“We support the black community in the struggle against racial inequality, injustice, and police brutality by committing $100,000 from the Fall Out Boy Fund this summer. We will begin with donations to National Bail Out and Black Visions Collective. We realize this is a marathon not a sprint and plan to continue and expand our support."

It’s not the first time the band has spoken out in support of racial justice. During their 2017 tour, the band used footage of Colin Kaepernick playing football and kneeling during the national anthem when they played the song “Centuries.”

With lyrics like “Just one mistake/Is all it will take/We’ll go down in history/Remember me for centuries,” Fall Out Boy used the song and accompanying visuals to show support for Kaepernick.

Pete Wentz recently joined RADIO.COM for an exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live where he spoke about his time in quarantine and offered a message of support for those struggling. “I just think it's important to keep going and doing the things you do, and doing some things that maybe you didn't expect that you were gonna do,” Wentz said.

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