FANDEMIC: Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph Hopes People Are Using This 'Gloomy' Time Wisely

Inside isolation with the Twenty One Pilots singer

Twenty one pilotsTyler Joseph joined RADIO.COM for an exclusive FANDEMIC Q&A Friday, and dressed to impress. Decked out in a slim tuxedo jacket and tie, Joseph hopped on a video chat with RADIO.COM hosts Stryker and Klien to let us in on how things are going as of late.

Now separated from co-pilot Joshua Dun, Joseph says he’s doing well, but he’s certainly missing his other half.

“It is a shame that simple friendships get put on hold,” he says. “It’s been interesting but what a great time to create and write.”

Joseph and Dun recently created from scratch their single “Level of Concern” while under quarantine in their respective homes, along with a video that captures the isolation being experienced by so many.

“There’s a reason I live out in Ohio. The gloomy weather brings out some great songs. So, what better than a gloomy world event to maybe create some great art? I’m hoping people are using their time wisely to do that.”

In the end Joseph says he’s hopeful that “some really awesome things” will come out of all the strife.

One amazing thing that has already come just in the last few months, is Tyler and wife Jenna’s brand new baby girl, Rosie. The rumors are true, by the way, she may be replacing Josh in the band at some point.

“She has her own tiny little drum kit,” jokes Joseph. “She’s starting to take some lessons, and I gotta tell you, when I’m playing the piano and she’s playing the drums – for a second when I’m not looking over, it feels like it’s Josh over there.”

All jokes aside, he says he’s aware of the impact bringing his family into the limelight can have, especially after including them in the video for “Level of Concern” but hopes he, and other artists are able to manage marrying the two loves; art and family.

“I’m hoping that my daughter won’t hate me for putting her in a music video.”

Rosie and Jenna are uniquely unaffected by Tyler’s talents, he says but as for whether his daughter is part of the clique at this point, it’s debatable.

“I have written a few one-handed songs on the piano lately because I’ll hold my daughter in my lap and I’ll just kind of play around with the piano. She seems to stop squirming and listen. But it only lasts for a few seconds until she’s on to her next fuss.”

Watch the full video chat above as Tyler gets into how his mom had some input in the latest single and what you can do to help out the band's crew, who usually burn a Cadillac per night with the band on tour, but are now struggling to make ends meet.

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