Gwen Stefani and No Doubt celebrate 25 years of 'Tragic Kingdom'

Band members reflect on the album that defined their group, and a genre of music

No Doubt cast a ska-punk net over the music world with their genre-defining 1995 album Tragic Kingdom. Twenty five years later, band members are celebrating the work as an artistic journey that defined their careers and shaped popular music.

Lead singer Gwen Stefani took to Instagram to share her admiration for the diamond certified record that sold more than 16 million copies worldwide. In an intimate pair of video messages, Gwen says after all these years she “still feels like a girl from Orange County.”

“So many people that I've met through the years that have told me that that's their favorite record," she said. "I didn't even think it would come out, let alone have people love it and listen to it and it be their favorite.”

Recording Tragic Kingdom instilled a loud confidence in the singer early in her career. Stefani told Vogue Magazine back in September that feeling came to surface when recording one of the album’s three smash singles, “Just A Girl.”

“But it was about that moment when you realize the power in being a female and also the vulnerability in being a female and the things you can’t do because it might not be safe or people might not take you seriously,” she told the publication.

Other No Doubt members chimed in with memories from their third album. Bassist Tony Kanal posted a photo of the group lounging in a 90’s chic grunge apartment. “Every part of this album was real as f***,” he captioned. “The writing, the recording, the touring, the shows, doing press. All filled with joy, rawness, discovery, excitement, heartache, exhaustion, healing, gratification and beauty.”

Drummer Adrian Young paved a more direct path for fans, posting an image of the album’s iconic cover, featuring Gwen Stefani sporting a red dress, holding rotten fruit. “Knowing that this record has touched so many of your lives makes the recognition of this day that much more special!,” he commented.

Guitarist Tom Durmont expanded further with a Hawaiian snapshot dated October 1995. His message was filled with melancholy thoughts and hopes. “I’d love to do one more No Doubt tour, but it feels like that ain’t gonna happen,” he relented in the caption. “It’s bittersweet. In any case, what great memories, thanks all.”

No Doubt released three more albums after the seminal work, the most recent of which being 2012's Push and Shove. Of course, Stefani has launched a successful solo career. The group's been on hiatus since 2015.

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